Conservatorship and Guardianship

Learn How to Protect Your Loved One

Learn How to Protect Your Loved One

Talk to an attorney about conservatorships in Elk Grove, CA

If your loved one is struggling to manage their own finances or assets, you have the opportunity to help. In Elk Grove, CA, you can pursue conservatorship or guardianship of your loved one, and the Law Office of Amanda R. Muller, Inc. can help. We offer legal counsel for individuals who want to protect their loved ones. This includes adults who are struggling with physical or mental ailments or young children who have lost their parents or guardians.

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When should you pursue guardianship?

Conservatorship and guardianship are designed to help individuals who are struggling or unable to manage responsibilities on their own. You should reach out to our local attorney about your guardianship options if...

  • Children in your life have lost their parents
  • Your parent is dealing with significant memory loss
  • A sibling or loved one was involved in a severe accident
As their guardian, you will be responsible for their well-being, including their health care, and their living arrangements. Meet with our local attorney for more information.