Your Divorce Doesn't Have to Become a Bitter Breakup

Your Divorce Doesn't Have to Become a Bitter Breakup

Consider collaborating with a divorce lawyer in the Elk Grove, Stockton, Galt and Sacramento, CA areas

Hiring a divorce lawyer should alleviate your stress, not add to it. Rest assured that you'll be working with a competent attorney at the Law Office of Amanda R. Muller, Inc. in Elk Grove, CA. We focus on divorce mediation, which allows married couples to part ways on good terms.

Not all couples can resolve issues like alimony or child support through divorce mediation, so ask our divorce lawyer if mediation could help you. Be sure to let her know...

  • What issues you and your spouse need to work out
  • If you need to file a divorce petition
  • How many children you have

We also offer collaborative divorce assistance.

Contact us today to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Mediation is ideal when kids are involved

If you and your spouse can negotiate, then retain our child custody lawyer so you can come up with a fair custody arrangement. Attorney Muller will keep your children's best interests in mind.

Call 916-690-2234 today to get in touch with a trusted child custody lawyer in Elk Grove, CA.

Proudly collaborating with the SCPG

To provide you with top-tier conflict resolution services, the Law Office of Amanda R. Muller is a proud member of the Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group (SCPG) in Elk Grove, CA. Whether you're going through a divorce or negotiating child custody, a lawyer can help you through the process.

The SCPG is comprised of a group of professional attorneys dedicated to divorce mediation and collaborative conflict resolution. The organization works to help clients resolve conflicts out of the courtroom and spread awareness about divorce mediation.

The organization includes many types of professionals, including...

Family law attorneys
Counselors and psychologists
Financial accountants

Finding a mutually beneficial solution is the best way to resolve conflict during a divorce. To speak with an experienced divorce lawyer, call 916-690-2234 now.