Domestic Violence

Wondering How to Protect Yourself From an Abuser?

Wondering How to Protect Yourself From an Abuser?

Ask a domestic violence lawyer in Elk Grove and Stockton, CA for guidance

Restraining orders allow domestic violence survivors to protect themselves or their children from abusive partners. Anyone who breaks a restraining order can face severe consequences, such as hefty fines or jail time. If you're looking for a local restraining order lawyer, turn to the Law Office of Amanda R. Muller, Inc. in Elk Grove, CA.

We can assist you by...

  • Filing for a restraining order
  • Providing confidential legal guidance
  • Connecting you with local domestic violence resources

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What protections do you need?

Seeking legal help is a crucial first step toward freedom. During your consultation, our domestic violence lawyer can detail the types of protections restraining orders can provide.

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